Trillium Auto is a NAPA AutoPro Centre.

We offer all NAPA AutoPro services (click here to see their website to find out more).

As for the warranty offered by NAPA, a no-charge 10 year/400,000 km limited warranty covering the repair or replacement of critical engine components, including your transmission or transaxle, when you have regular and continuous service maintenance and repairs performed at any participating NAPA AUTOPRO facility in Canada.


Renee Mobach

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Trillium Auto is a very professional place. My experience there was very pleasing. They were reasonable and were only concerned with making my car as safe as possible. They did a headlight restoration on my car and it was very well done. They took the time to make sure that they had done the best they could do. I would highly recommend them for all of your repair needs. The team is wonderful!


Kristin VanDerMolen

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I have an amazing experience with Trilliam Auto. They were thorough and quick with my broken down car. And now it drives perfectly. I’d definitely come back!


Adrian Hofstee

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Straightforward quick service.